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Nordic Health Lab receives a new grant from Industriens Fond

We are very happy to announce that Nordic Health Lab has received a new grant of 12 million DKK from Industriens Fond.

With the new grant, Nordic Health Lab can ensure innovative healthcare solutions for patients and staffwhile strengthening the collaboration between companies and the healthcare system.

“Several innovative healthcare solutions need to be implemented more quickly in Danish hospitals and municipalities to create value for both patients and staff. The potential is enormous, but the transition from solution to implementation needs to be easier,” says Director of the Industry Foundation, Thomas Hofman-Bang. This is the basis for a new additional grant of DKK 12 million for Nordic Health Lab.

A unified innovation gateway for healthcare

Nordic Health Lab bridges the gap between the healthcare system, companies, and knowledge institutions, for example by facilitating test processes and matching new solutions with demand and needs from the country’s hospitals and municipalities.

“We can be 'more for many, and something for all.' That means we can create more partnerships with hospitals and municipalities that can test company solutions. At the same time, we can enhance our screening and testing capacity, allowing more innovative companies to validate their solutions. Additionally, we will focus on creating a unified and efficient gateway for companies to access the healthcare system, which is sorely lacking today”
— Jesper Juel-Helwig, CEO, Nordic Health Lab

Hospital Director: Need for collaboration on new solutions

One of the hospitals focusing more on partnerships and company solutions is Nordsjællands Hospital. Hospital Director, Bente Ourø Rørth, explains:

“At Nordsjællands Hospital, we have tested several innovative solutions through our collaboration with Nordic Health Lab. For instance, we have implemented the NordInsights database solution, which can make MRI scans safer. Therefore, we appreciate that our collaboration with Nordic Health Lab can continue, and they can expand the testing network and synergies for scaling, as well as for cross-regional and cross-sectoral collaboration on new solutions. Such partnerships are needed in a pressured healthcare system”
— Bente Ourø Rørth, Hospital Director, Nordsjællands Hospital

Easier for the healthcare system to engage in public-private partnerships

Nordic Health Lab is already working to create an even larger and stronger community of hospitals and municipalities that can ensure efficient and needs-based testing processes and make it easier for the healthcare system to engage in public-private partnerships. Furthermore, there needs to be more structured knowledge sharing about the solutions that work. Jesper Juel-Helwig elaborates:

“Throughout 2024, more of our services will be available to hospitals and municipalities. This includes access to our entire pipeline of screened companies, knowledge sharing about public-private innovation partnerships, testing methods, test designs, test reports, the possibility of needs assessment processes, and an overview of existing solutions.”

Also a matter of competitiveness

“Health technology is undergoing strong development, and the solutions are becoming both better and smarter. These solutions need to enter hospitals more quickly and create value. This is not only a prerequisite for scaling and thus strengthening Danish competitiveness but also essential when tackling the major challenges facing the healthcare system today,” says Thomas Hofman-Bang, adding:

“Here, we have already seen that Nordic Health Lab has done a significant and important work.”
— Thomas Hofman-Bang, direktør i Industriens Fond