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Winners of Nordic Health Lab Impact Awards 2022

On January 11th 2023 we hosted our first Nordic Health Lab Impact Awards where we handed out prizes to players who added extra value in the healthcare system in 2022.


Here are the winners


Description: A hospital that has shown a high degree of openness and readiness to test the newest solutions while leading the wave of innovation.

Winner: Regionshospitalet Gødstrup
Reason for winning: 
Regionshospitalet Gødstrup is open minded when it comes to dialogue with innovative companies, even when the match is not obvious from the beginning. In addition, the hospital finds ways to involve relevant departments and the clinicians are engaged in the entire testing process.

Regionshospitalet Gødstrup won the category: INNOVATOR HOSPITAL OF THE YEAR​
“NHL understands our hospital’s needs. They are good at identifying companies that are in the process of developing solutions that match our needs so they can be tested at our clinics. ”
— Anne-Mette Sonne Andersen, Innovations Consultant at Regionshospitalet Gødstrup



A hospital that has shown great speed and efficiency in the execution of the chosen test run while bringing swift and valuable results together with Nordic Health Lab.

Winner: Regionshospitalet Horsens

Reason for winning: Regionshospitalet Horsens has established effective innovation processes that ensure that the test runs are carried out at the planned time and that their clinicians are involved in both the test runs and evaluations. In addition, the hospital was the first to complete an NHL test run in 2022.

“As hospital director for Regionshospitalet Horsens, I am proud and humbled when winning an award like yours as Fast tracker hospital of the year. This means that even in a stressful day at the clinics we succeed in working with improvements and innovation. Hopefully, in the long term, it will also help to solve challenges that could otherwise easily be lost in the hustle of everyday life.”
— Lisbeth Holsteen Jessen, Hospital Director at Regionshospitalet Horsens


Description: A hospital that is continuously participating in developing concepts and procedures while tackling challenges and helping steer the ship of innovation through difficult times together with Nordic Health Lab.

Winner: Nordsjællands Hospital

Reason for winning:
Nordsjællands Hospital has continuously been an active partner in Nordic Health Lab’s work to identify barriers. At the same time, the hospital has contributed to developing and professionalizing the concept and processes in the work to create more value-adding test procedures.

Nordsjællands Hospital won the category: PROBLEM SOLVER HOSPITAL OF THE YEAR
“We are happy to receive this award, because at Nordsjællands Hospital, we have long been committed to promoting healthcare innovation in Denmark. This task requires openness and a strong collaboration with external players such as Nordic Health Lab. Together, we can actively develop and professionalize the work with health innovation”
— Bente Ourø Rørth, Hospital Director at Nordsjællands Hospital


Description: A partner that continuously supports, enables and empowers collaborative partnerships in the pursuit of better healthcare.

Winner: Roche

Because Roche, with their holistic and curious approach to partnerships and integrated health solutions, is the first mover to pave the way for personalized and sustainable health.

Roche won the category: PARTNERSHIP IMPACT
“Humble and heartfelt thanks. It has been a pleasure working with the NHL. The collaboration has shown that its worth to be curious, holistic and have long-term goals. If we put the right actors together, we can make things happen. We look forward to expanding the collaboration.”
— Rasmus Thomsen, Strategic Partnership Lead, Roche


Description: A solution that has great impact on working conditions of healthcare professionals.

Winner: European Caretech

Reason for winning: Because the solution can free up time and reduce the workload of healthcare staff wile heavy lifting patients.

“NHL has helped us push the process with some big organizations. It's an important element but can be difficult to carry out. So the prize and the collaboration are of great value to us.”
— Niels Mads Nielsen, CEO, European Caretech


Description: A solution that can improve the lives of specific groups with special needs.

Winner: SyncSense

Reason for winning: Because the solution improves the course of disease and daily lives of isolated and inactive patients and citizens.

Syncsense won the category: SOCIAL IMPACT
“There are so many talented Danish startups in NHL's network, so we are humbled to receive the recognition. Among other things, NHL has helped us pave the way for all partner hospitals.”
— Simon Andersen, CEO, SyncSense


Description: A solution that improves the patients’ experience or safety.

Winner: Doktor Universe

Reason for winning: Because the solution makes children’s experience when meeting the hospital service more secure.

“Thanks a lot for the recognition and thanks to the hospitals and nurses we work with. It is their efforts that make Doktor Univers' products valuable for the little patients.”
— Fabio Cujino, CEO Doktor Universe


Description: A solution that has potential of global scalability for a large target audience.

Winner: PinkOrange

Reason for winning: Because the solution could potentially reduce birth complications for all birth giving women in the world.

PinkOrange won the category: GLOBAL IMPACT
“Thank you for the recognition and for seeing the potential of our mission at an early stage. You helped us early and believed in us early in the process.”
— Ditte Marie Fog, Co-founder PinkOrange