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We co-create sustainable health innovation
Gatekeepers, Bridge-Builders & Accelerators

Nordic Health Lab is a Danish Non Profit with the vision of creating a better foundation for present and future healthcare solutions. We do this by building bridges between the public healthcare system and private companies.

We match companies and knowledge institutions with hospitals and municipalities so the companies can test and co-create their innovative solutions together with healthcare professionals.

This way, we can accelerate innovative solutions that ensure our present and future health.

What do we do?
We work to improve the healthcare system providing value to companies, hospitals, municipalities, healthcare professionals, patients and citizens.


We help companies of all sizes, that already have prototypes, to screen and qualify their healthcare solutions. Our task is to build a fast-track test process that creates documentation, value proposition and possibilities for implementation of their innovative health solution.

We also guide and advise startups and SMEs, so they are ready to raise capital after testing their prototypes at Nordic Health Lab.

Hospitals & Municipalities

We collaborate with innovative and collaborative hospitals and municipalities that are involved in improving healthcare with dedicated resources – both at management level and with innovation consultants.

At these hospitals and municipalities, we facilitate test runs of the companies’ solutions – in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and innovation consultants.

Nordic Health Lab matches hospitals’ needs assessments with innovative solutions from private companies


It is crucial for us to understand the innovation needs of our partner hospitals. Therefore, we engage in a process where we identify various needs together with the hospitals’ innovation consultants, department heads and hospital management.

In this way, we can:

– Ensure that we match companies’ innovative solutions with the actual needs of the hospitals.


– Identify cross-cutting development needs that innovation hubs and the healthcare industry can develop new solutions for.

Thus, we can present a range of different needs that – to a greater or lesser extent – cut across our partner hospitals. Solutions addressing these needs will therefore be in demand both across hospitals and across multiple regions.

The identified needs are not an exhaustive list, but they provide an overview of some of the needs we have identified in collaboration with our partner hospitals and find relevant to share with those working on future solutions.

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We facilitate test runs
Test runs at hospitals and municipalities

We ensure that solutions are tested, realized, documented and aimed at implementation.

One of our goals is to increase the value of companies after they have tested, improved and co-created their solution in a professional healthcare environment.

We have either co-created, trained or had test runs for companies with innovative solutions such as:

  • Artificial intelligence in the emergency room
  • VR training glasses for elderly patients (SyncSense)
  • Database search for MR-scannings (NordInsight)
  • An award-winning app for patient communication
  • Interactive solutions to reduce children’s anxiety during medical procedure (Doktor Universe)
  • Medtech device reducing childbirth ruptures (Oasi Care)
  • Prevention of pressure ulsers (Levabo)
  • Wearable Activity Sensor​ for Healthcare and Research (Sens)
  • Better bed repositioning of patients (European Caretech)
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We also collaborate with both Danish and international partners from different industries to share knowledge, to test innovative solutions and to grow an inspirational hub for international healthcare.

We have an extensive network in mainly the Nordics, and we are expanding our global reach as there are many mutual needs in healthcare worldwide.

We would love to hear from your company, if you are interested in knowing more about partnership opportunities.

Nordic Health Lab focuses on sustainable healthcare
Our focus is on economic, social and environmental sustainability


Our population is growing while we live longer. At the same time many people have chronic diseases. Consequently, the healthcare system must take care of more citizens but without enough resources available. That puts tremendous pressure on the healthcare service. Therefore, more public-private partnerships are needed to create new, radical health solutions for the benefit of all.
This way, we create the best sustainable health solutions.

We divide sustainable health solutions into three parts:


Solutions that enable treatment and monitoring of citizens in their homes.


Solutions that ensure early acknowledgement of disseases and that increase the chances of​ timely handling.

User Experience
Solutions improving the experience for citizens, patients, staff and relatives.
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Nordic Health Lab hosts international delegations

We have hosted Canadian delegations including ministers and hospital directors who have come to learn more about our take on healthcare solutions. In these events, we have learned that we share the same challenges in the healthcare systems across the Atlantic which gives excellent reasons to continue our international collaboration.

In the video below, you can see what Dr. Brunet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), thinks about our approach in Nordic Health Lab. 

You and your team are always welcome to reach out to us no matter where you are located.
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