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Nordic Health Lab invited to Canada

We can learn a lot from each other across the Atlantic. 

Nordic Health Lab was invited to Canada for 2 separate occasions and the output was inspiring and promising.
The conclusion is clear, Denmark and Canada are much closer than the distance suggests. We have shared challenges within the healthcare sector, and both countries are committed to supporting new innovative solutions and building strong, collaborative partnerships across sectors and countries. Furthermore, we have a similar mentality which creates a solid foundation for sharing best practices from our respective healthcare environments.

The 2 events were:

Danish Healthcare Symposium, hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy Ottawa. Here, these important topics were covered: recruitment and retention in healthcare, the role of health technologies in resource management, and innovative strategies for reducing system burden through health promotion, prevention, and partnerships.
We also had the pleasure of reconnecting with CHUM – Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal that we hosted in Copenhagen in 2022.

Banff Innovation Summit (BIS) in Alberta. Invited by our friends at Alberta Innovates. At Nordic Health Lab, we were honored to participate in the inaugural Banff Innovation Summit. A fantastic purpose driven event with a great mission to rally around global challenges and to create a movement across local and global jurisdictions with collaborative partnerships aiming for innovative solutions and co-benefits.
(Nordic Health Lab was the only invited participant from the entire European Union in a group of 40 commonwealth nations.)

Alberta Innovates oversees health innovation for Alberta’s around 4,6 million citizens, and we look forward to continuing the dialogue and sharing promising solutions across the Atlantic.

“I am very much looking forward to continue to strengthen our partnership and collaboration to explore healthcare innovation opportunities between our respective countries and with others.”
— Tim Murphy, Vice President, Alberta Innovates

Back in the Fall of 2022, we hosted 2 Canadian delegations in Copenhagen, and they resulted in the invitation to Canada and in promising future partnerships.

Thank you very much for inviting us The Trade Council of Denmark in North America – Denmark in Canada.

The Danish ambassador to Ottawa, Canada: Hanne Fugl Eskjær